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Unterholz is a concept that i thought of in a sleepless night after LudumDare22's theme announcement 'alone'. The resulting prototype was DiggyDig and was just a test for pixel based digging mechanics. Basically the first step towards the actual idea.

The game named Unterholz was released for the LudumDare23 compo. It is an experiment with cellular automata simulated water for testing performance and scalability.

The actual idea was to build a minecraft/terraria inspired survival sandbox game not based on a fixed grid, but to feel as smooth as possible. This concept introduces a lot of interesting problems: how to scale and update the world, texturing materials, global and local lighting, physics, world generation, data management and several more.

Unterholz 3D

Unterholz 3D was an experiment to see how low a grid resolution you can go with voxels before running into problems. Smart enough to start with the actual mesh generation and rendering process instead of doing some math first. I stepped right in, just to realize that the amount of world data is too vast to be reasonable. It would require major optimizations to be feasable. Several levels of detail and some sort of compression would be the absolute minimum, so i consider this one as failed for the time being. Although i still want to try raycasting it, since it would reduce the memory footprint tremendously.