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Johnny running

Ungame started as my first flash project. Initially i was amazed with flash, i still think it's a great platform, but as3 is just a pain to work with, so i try to avoid it now.
I wanted ungame to showcase the most undesireable aspects of game design. Long pauses between death's, unreasonable achievements, faked dlc and drm, stuff like that. However, started to grow sympathic towards the game mechanics and overall game-feel and felt that 'ungaming' it would be a waste of potential.

Johnny running

I started to develop it into a precision platformer type of game, similar to Super Meatboy and Dustforce, and have it set in a metroidvania'n world. You'd learn new abilities to climb, jump and make your way through the dungeon to get towards your goal. This game also got me started on LevelUp, a tool i felt necessary to develop since i disliked the workflow and restrictions of other tilebased level editors.

Eventually i got a working demo to showcase some of it's mechanics and feel, to get a grasp of the idea. However, to further develop it i might need to port it away from flash to develop it towards it's full potential.