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wing & wzl - flying rodent
Collaboration with The Wing
wzl - raindrops
Liquid Drum'n'Bass
wzl - funkey trunkey feat. TotalBiscuit & Jesse Cox
Remix of an audio snippet of Terraria, the next world generation Ep.41
wzl - silicon heart
Futuristic pounding beats
wzl - nebula
Arranged and recorded for the soundtracks of Into Beyond
wzl - the collapse
Soundtrack to the LudumDare-game The Collapse
wzl - pommes
Playing around with SID-sounds.
wzl - the march
Futuristic dnb-influenced intelligent ambient melodic clusterfuck.
wzl - windworm
Fantasy-RPG inspired Chiptune
wzl - sunshine
Lounge-type music
wzl - linebreaker
Electro-rave or what have you. Also: oooold.
wzl - ocean theme
Ambient background track for a Ultrastar deluxe track selection screen.