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Into Beyond

into beyond

Into Beyonds concept was basically a spiritual successor to Dasteroids. Having the same premise as several other space roaming games, like freelancer, you're a kind of bounty hunter doing jobs for different factions, exploring the universe and doing different kinds of missions. The kicker was to have several meta-games: space travel (similar to dasteroids), planetary missions (as shown in the videos below) and on-foot missions (boarding, exploring and looting ships or stations).

The game started with the LudumDare October Challenge in 2011. Since the concept has developed quite a bit since the Dasteroid days i've been trying to make a successful game release out of it. But i was quickly realizing that it would require more time and budget as i initially planned. That's when i created an 8bitfunding campaign (indie game crowdfunding). Naturally it failed. I made an astonishing $23. It didn't gather a lot of interest at all, even in the shmup-scene. So it ended up on the scrap heap.


Even though it got abandoned after only about 2 months it taught me some interesting lessons, let me improve Flow and generally get a better feel for time and budget estimations.

wzl - nebula

Arranged and recorded for the soundtracks