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Flow is a graphics rendering and processing framework i initially built to produce demo-scene content. It is written in C# and utilizes OpenTK from the very beginning. The first version started as trblmkr (trouble maker, named after our demo group trbl) on the BreakPoint2010 demo party, which is also the birthplace of our first demo.

It turned out to become not so demo-specific, but more of a general purpose rendering and object management framework. A number of features got rewritten, reworked, removed or refactored and it is still in constant development.

Until today i implemented more api's such as JitterPhysics, Box2d and ACAL. I try to use as few third party libraries as possible, but some territories are still too advanced or flat-out annoying to deal with, so i rather avoid them for the time being.

At it's current state it supports a pretty stable mainloop, a decent rendering pipeline including mesh management and shader manipulation, an internal live-shader-editor, object management and scene graph and a bunch of nice-to-have features for calculations and frequently used algorithms.
Lacking parts include error-handling and logging, skeletal animation, shader presets and particle management and rendering.

This framework is intended for my own use exclusively, so i add features on demand, and refactor as i see fit. Therefore it is in a very under-construction-esque state, which would emberass me to publicly upload. Although i might at some point.