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Death Grit

Death Grit is a top-down team-based shooter. The original idea was to emulate the DotA principle into another genre, but eventually the concept has grown into something different, only barely related to DotA. This was also the first game concept i've tried to realise, including the rendering engine, state management and whatever else.

The first version was a mess, all shoved into one messy and huge file. This was also my first, i suppose, real attempt at programming. This started back in 2006.

First iteration of Death Grit

One of the Core ideas was to have an accurate Fog of War per line of sight. I found one possible solution after a couple of month and found a way to brute-force it.

Fog of war

Today i lost count of the amounts of iterations and rewrites on this particular project. It is at least at 5, and a 6th may follow at some point.

Third iteration

The project never got much beyond the map-editor building phase, but i learned some valuable methods and procedures that helped me improve my understanding of game development. I tried to think of solutions for problems that could possibly occur without ever experiencing them. Some title that a waste of time. I think it was a valuable lesson.

Optimization attempts

One iteration got lost pretty much after it's inception. I tried to have a team working on it using XNA for the Dream Build Play challenge, but it quickly disbanded, like it happens all too often with online formed teams.
The next one started in a new framework i was working on for a little while.

Fifth iteration

While this version does have some enemies doing movement patterns and different kinds of weapons it feels a bit lackluster. Might be the crude geometry.
Also i had some new mechanics going around in my head which i desperately wanted to try, which took quite some time for semi-satisfying results.

The lack of experience and the ongoing change of the engine to use modern OpenGL in favor of the fixed function pipeline threw me off and i abandoned it yet again.