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astronaught main character

As a lot of my projects start with a technical gimmick, so did this one. I was playing around with raycast lighting in 2d, trying to figure a solution that is not a too hefty impact on the performance while it remains dynamic and pixelbased. Eventually it's just a hell of a lot texture lookups in the pixelshader. In the latest version it only supports on-off type light collision with a falloff, but i planned to use non-occlusive lighting through normal-maps among other features.

astronaught lighting

The lighting turned out very pretty and the tilesets weren't too bad either, so Astronaught received quite a lot of positive feedback. I made very quick progress on the technical end. That's when i heard about the 8BitFunding website was now relaunching after being acquired by the Indie Game Magazine. They we're looking for showcase campaigns, so i started one for Astronaught.
It probably was premature, since it was just a technical prototype, a mockup, but i wanted to take the chance. Astronaught received some very tasty press coverage, but the campaign stagnated at around $60.

astronaught sewer

Again, the lack of a budget and popular interest had me abandon this project. Even though this lasted only a couple of weeks, i learned quite a few valuable lessons, which i was able to apply in later projects, including LevelUp